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On Stage @ Martini's in Marco Island and Christina from Tantrum are hosting the Battle of the Bands!!!! This event will be bringing some of the best talent of Southwest Florida to Martini's stage on January 27th, 2013!!! to compete for a $250.00 cash prize and eligibility to enter into the finals which will be a $1000 cash prize!!!! This event will be huge!!

There are a few rules for bands to abide by:

* All competing bands must be at Martini's by 2pm the day they are battling.

* At least one member of the band needs to be 18 years of age.

* There must be at least 3 members of the band consisting of drums, guitar and bass.

* Drummers have to bring their own drum kit.

* Bands must perform at least 2 original songs.

* Bands must perform 45 minutes worth of music.

* * * Sign up must be done in advance and winning band must be present in order to receive prize and eligibility to compete in finals. If the winning band members are not present the band with the next highest number of votes will be deemed the winner.

* Bands may compete multiple times if they DO NOT win.

Battle of the Bands is designed to bring forth local and new talent to our area and support the art of music in all it's genres.

Voting will be done by a Noise Metered System so bring your friends and family to the show to have them cheer you on and get the highest noise meter reading to win!!!

This is an everybody event!! Under 21 there is a $10 cover charge at the door.

More details on this event will be provided as they become available.

For sign up and more information contact Christina (Tantrum's Lead Vocalist) at 239-595-3534
$250.00 cash prize each event
$1000 cash prize and a steady gig opportunity for the final winner
Finals expected beginning of March
Don't forget later on that evening beginning at 8pm it's Ladies Night!! $1 Wells, Wines & Beer for all the ladies!! And best of all...TANTRUM HITS THE STAGE FOR A SPECTACULAR SHOW right after the battle!! Rocking you out til ??? !!!